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Getting into education is not always straightforward. The most recent literature on the topic tells us that it can be difficult to find a network and see a path in medical education (J Browne et al, 2015).

WBYHT wants to help find that path. 


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Useful resources

A few useful articles when starting to think about your education career

Twelve tips


Jonathan et al set out their “twelve tips” for those keen to embark on a medical education career

Twelve tips

Clinician/educator symbiosis


Becoming an educator can support our clinical work in a myriad ways. This is explored here in an article in Clinical teacher


Competencies of medical educators


A FOAMed article on the competencies of educators in different settings

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NHS jobs is the primary route to find jobs. WBYHT aims to publish the most up to date news on education jobs.

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Tips for planning a UK based year out of training for doctors

It can be difficult knowing where to start when thinking about a year out of training and embarking on a career in education. Jess sets out her advice for junior doctors.

Plan an F3


“The interview questions revolved mainly around education rather than clinical work.”

My F3 |


an educational f3


I am currently doing an educational post for my FY3. This consists of 50/50 split between clinical and educational duties. On the educational side I have fixed teaching days on Tuesday and Wednesday. I am mainly responsible for teaching the 3rd year medical students on placement at the hospital. I supplement the teaching they get on their rotations. This could be various examinations (Thyroid, DVT…) as well as data interpretation (ECG, ABGs, CXR…). I have also branched out and done some A to E simulation teaching. I also do OSCE prep with 5th years and help with the FY1/2 simulation. The job is very autonomous and the opportunities are only limited by your imagination/motivation. 

There are few jobs in/around Manchester that have as much education as my current job. You just need to do a bit of research to find the best ones. A lot of the time fellow jobs were advertised as 80/20 with there being only 20% time for educational duties. When I asked for clarification I was told this was mostly deemed to be teaching medical students that were present on the ward…so no extra educational duties.  

In terms of getting the job I had to put a CV together and go for an interview. Something I had not done since applying to medical school. The interview questions revolved mainly around education rather than clinical work. Fortunately I had done a lot of teaching throughout medical school and my FY1 and FY2 years. 

I have thoroughly enjoyed this year and will look to do similar roles in the future.

My F3