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Quality in healthcare education research for the uninitiated

Healthcare education research, when carried out with “quality”, has the power to influence the practice of individuals and systems, locally and globally. Access to the understanding of what constitutes quality can sometimes seem shrouded in mystery to developing educators and education researchers. If what’s brought you here today is to uncover some of this mystery, then you’ve come to the right place. 


Read on for select articles and advice for understanding quality in healthcare education research

researchers communicate
their work because knowledge-building is a social and rhetorical act: that is, an act of sharing ideas, of argument and persuasion to come to agreement about what is known

Lingard and Dreissen

Some key starter resources

Understanding the philosophy


Does your world view matter? Does a researcher have any impact on their research, outcomes, subjects? Read on to explore how philosophy has its hands on qualitative research

Free from the OU

quality essentials

So what are the essential points around qualitative research? How does it differ from other kinds of research?  Where can we begin?


QR essentials take me there!

Understanding quality


What are the key aspects of a robust and quality educational research article? How can we know whether to trust and translate the findings? 

Quality? Rigour?

Lorelei Lingard – the writers craft series


Lingard is a one of medical education’s great contemporary thinkers. In the writers craft series, she explores the simple ways in which we can improve how we engage in academic writing.




Some worked examples of education research

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