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Medagogy, teaching and learning theory

Embarking on your first teaching sessions can be a daunting prospect, you may have no idea how to start or even what on earth you are going to teach about…

The WBYHT family firmly believes with a little bit of theory and a sprinkling of the right tools you can transform your teaching 

Introducing “Medagogy”

What is this medagogy anyway?

Some practical tips for online teaching

Everyone seems to be migrating to teaching online…I wonder why?! Nate offers some ideas for getting the most out of a webinar/zoom type session

P3 Presentations with @ffolliet

WBYHT advocates a learner centred, active “medagogy”, but we know that sometimes delivering information in a presentation is a necessary way to communicate. If you need help to prepare a presentation then there is no better presentation guru than our long time friend @ffolliet.


Don’t lose your audience, like tears in the rain

Planning a one-off teaching session