Pips 4.0 -18/12/20

A free one day conference for early career educators with “PiPs” peer teachers in practice- a North West HEE funded endeavour.

Some find guided notes useful…

We’ve created this doc for you to keep track of notes from the front end of the show to reflect on later

About Us

PiPs – peer teachers in practice

PiPs is a largely voluntary organisation run by junior doctors in the North West of England. We are a  community providing training and support for early career medical educators passionate about teaching.

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Pips medagogy

What’s your medagogy?

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write for Wbyht

WBYHT was designed as a resource for you! Find out how to write with us…

Write for WBYHT

P3 Presentations with @ffolliet

PiPs advocates a learner centred, active “medagogy” but we also know that presentations are probably here to stay…if you’ve got no choice in the matter and a lecture or case presentation it is, then there is no better presentation guru than our long time friend @ffolliet.


Don’t lose your audience, like tears in the rain

The confidence debate

Considering evaluation of learning




The Great tech off

a tour of some great tech tools for new teachers

Ever wanted to use a new tool in your teaching but not sure where to start?



“Planning is essential to ensure you have the resources, time, people and plan for an effective project”


Checklist for successlist

  • What is your vision for the project?
  • Why are you doing it? this will help inform your evaluation
  • Get some support- admin, someone with experience, helpers to deliver the project

Considering teaching projects

dont rush in…

It can be tempting when you have an idea to rush into starting without thinking things through. This can lead to a variety of issues down the line, not least being wedded to a project you don’t have the time or energy for. So make sure you get your ducks in order and plan effectively. The resources included below will help you think through your project.

The most important thing to ask yourself is- why am I doing this? do I really WANT to? why? what will it achieve and how will it impact on me and my team?

Being human planning