A virtual inter-professional micro-conference series for healthcare educators and cur!ous people

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Who We Are

We are a rogue band of healthcare educators keen to explore the world of inter-professional education. Meet the team and learn about our journey here?!.

In March 2020 we set out to create a unique and collaborative learning event. After a heady mix of lockdown, Brexit and more zoom than you could shake a stick at interrobang?! was born.

Proudly supported by the Academy of medical educators we value diversity, inclusivity and curiosity. We present three engaging headline speakers and a programme of cur!ous workshops and opportunities for your delectation. 


The first interrobang?! in January was a glorious success with attendees from many different professions, specialties and post (and zip!) codes. We couldn’t have hoped for a better opener than Julie Browne with searing insight into why IPE should be the cornerstone of education in healthcare professions. IPE is here to save us all.

Stay cur!ous


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Passionate about IPE


Constantly cur!ous


Sponsored by AoME


Breaking tradition @interrobang?! no.1


Using the virtual learning environment to deliver team building
and Leadership teaching


Rawlinson F, Gallard S, Griffiths J, Harris D, Hayes J, Grose J







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Event Schedule

Three twilight micro-conferences with three phenomenal speakers, workshops and opportunities to present your work and ideas

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Interrobang Number three

Keynote: Richard Pitt & the incoming chair for CAIPE

Richard is chair of the Centre for the Advancement of Interprofessional Education in the UK.

The past, present and future of IPE


+ Panel discussion: IPE why hasn’t it happened yet?



Event Schedule – 9th March Interrobang ?!



Welcome from the interrobang team


18:00 – 18:30

Sasha Henriques – founder of genetics engage

How to embed equality and diversity in your educational practice


18:40 – 19:20

Richard Pitt – chair for CAIPE

The past present and future of IPE

19:25 – close

Panel talk

How can we ensure IPE is embedded in the mainstream of future healthcare education?

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Engaging the world on many things genetics and inclusion.

Sasha Henriques

Genetics engage!

Collaborative practice through learning together to work together.


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